Let’s be honest – no one wants a boep. That extra layer of fat around the midsection isn’t something that’s good for your health or your confidence. But unfortunately, weight gain can happen VERY quickly. It only takes a few months of unhealthy eating and junk food and slacking on the training side of things to end up with 5kg to 10kg of unwanted flab. The good news? You can torch that belly fat quickly, and reveal those ripped abs that you’ve always wanted. All you need to do is sign up to SpeedShred and the tips on this site, and you won’t have to worry about that damn boep ever again.

SpeedShred is scientifically designed to help you achieve healthy and lasting weight loss in just 12 weeks! The workouts use minimal equipment so you can train at home or in the gym. The meals can be customised to suit your budget and will keep you satisfied and happy. Time to make your comeback!


Your Coach: Trevor Lagerwey

You don’t get a better role model or coach than Trevor when it comes to building a shredded body. Trevor is the founder and head coach at Fitstrong (www.fitstrong.co.za), a professional obstacle race athlete, entrepreneur, and a cover guy who has graced more than 19 international Men’s Health covers. He’s a qualified personal trainer, and he knows all about building functional strength and real-world fitness. He’s also the guy whose photos are plastered around this site, and he’s the model in all the exercise moves. You want to look like a cover guy? Trevor is the trainer you need, and the perfect coach for our SpeedShred training plan. For more of his #fitspo, follow him on Instagram.

Your Dietician: Adrian Penzhorn

When it comes to getting the best results out of your training, your eating plan is just as important as your workout plan. Thankfully, we found the perfect expert for the job. Adrian is a registered dietician, and is the Director of Performance Nutrition at Food For Sport (www.foodforsport.co.za). He’s part of a team of dieticians, chefs and athletes with a passion for food and performance, and they strive to find the perfect balance between the science of nutrition and the art of good food. The plan he has created for SpeedShred is practical, tasty, filling, and focused on performance – not only will you never go hungry, but you will also get all the right fuel you need for those gains!

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